In this age of fake news, finding content online that is assuredly reliable and balanced is important for both teachers and students. Of course, the Iowa AEA Online Resources are one way that teachers and students can be sure the content is appropriate. However, it isn’t possible or even feasible to prohibit students from using search engines like Google. Britannica School has a number of tools that can help teachers when students are searching beyond the safety of purchased databases. 

For those teachers and students who begin their research doing a Google or other search, Britannica has created a free Google Chrome extension for Britannica School users. You can begin by going to the Chrome Web Store. Search for Britannica School Insights. Click on the add it to Chrome button/link. This is the method you would use to add it individually to computers. If you’re a Google or Microsoft school, Britannica has instructions on how to roll it out to your entire district. Once this extension is installed, students will now see Britannica School content at the top, righthand corner of their Web search results.  The results will be labeled as Britannica School Insights.  Students can now go directly to Britannica to begin their research using trusted content written and curated by experts. The first time the extension is used may require students to log into Britannica with their Iowa AEA online username and password, but subsequent searches should not require that. To learn a bit more, you can watch this instructional YouTube video

Britannica School also has many valuable teacher resources. Two resources provided that can help librarians and teachers help students determine the credibility of a source are: Infographic: 5 W’s of Web Site Evaluation and Infographic: Fight the Fake: Fact-checking Tips from Britannica. I found these by clicking on the resources link and scrolling down the list of included classroom materials, promotional materials, training materials, and videos.  

As always, if you have questions feel free to contact me at the AEA,