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Instructional Technology

The Northwest Area Education Agency (Northwest AEA) recognizes the transformative power of technology in education. To support educators in harnessing this potential, they offer a team of Best Practice Instructional Technology Coaches dedicated to guiding and empowering teachers and administrators. These coaches bring expertise and personalized support to every part of your system.

What can the Best Practice coaches do for you?

We help you navigate the landscape: Whether integrating new tools into lesson plans, selecting appropriate assistive technologies, or maximizing existing infrastructure, coaches provide guidance and tailored solutions. They understand the diverse needs of different schools and grade levels, offering practical advice and resources aligned with specific goals.

We help you build capacity: Through professional learning opportunities, consultants equip educators with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently integrate technology into their practice. They facilitate workshops, provide coaching, and create collaborative spaces where educators can share best practices and learn from each other.

We help you foster innovation: Consultants act as catalysts for innovative teaching and learning. They share effective technology integration strategies, showcase engaging examples from other schools, and help educators experiment with new approaches. This support encourages creative use of technology to personalize learning, enhance engagement, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

We help you bridge the gap: Consultants serve as a bridge between educators and the ever-evolving world of educational technology. They stay current on the latest trends, tools, and research, sharing this knowledge with educators to ensure they are utilizing the most effective and impactful technologies in their classrooms.

By providing personalized support, fostering innovation, and bridging the knowledge gap, Best Practices Instructional Technology Coaches at Northwest AEA are instrumental in empowering educators to leverage technology as a powerful tool for creating engaging and effective learning experiences for all students.

Contact your Best Practices Instructional Technology Coach today!

Amanda Beyer, West Region

Erin Chute, East Region

Jacque Yaneff, North Region

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Amanda Beyer

Instructional Technology Consultant

712-222-6097 Email Amanda Beyer
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Jacque Yaneff

Instructional Technology Consultant

712-222-6322 Email Jacque Yaneff