The Iowa Department of Education Dyslexia Resources site provides resources to support educators who serve students identified with dyslexia and parents of students with dyslexia. The site offers information for educators and parents, including:

  • The Department’s dyslexia priorities
  • Dyslexia and Iowa schools
  • Response to dyslexia/characteristics of dyslexia
  • Dyslexia supports
  • Resources

Can AEA diagnose dyslexia? 

While schools and AEAs are not qualified to provide a diagnosis, we can determine what characteristics of dyslexia your child/student may exhibit and design an instructional intervention to support them. We do not require an "official" diagnosis to provide the instruction that your child/student needs to be successful. If you'd like to seek a formal diagnosis for your own knowledge, we can provide you with a list of providers that have experience in diagnosing dyslexia.

Northwest AEA Support Available: 

  • In-District/Building Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Professional Learning Courses and Coaching for Teachers
    • Structured Literacy (including implementation of “programs”)
    • Assessment and Intervention
    • Core strategies to support strong foundational skills
  • Support with IRRC Modules
  • Individual student assessments/questions/concerns/supports


Top Resources on Dyslexia:

If you are concerned that your student/child may have dyslexia, contact your school’s teacher and/or administrator.  If you have specific  questions about dyslexia, please contact one of our literacy consultants.

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