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Math services provide professional learning and coaching of instructional approaches in Iowa Core mathematics, conceptual understanding, problem-based learning, and differentiated instruction for K-12 students.

Math Team Vision

We are the Northwest AEA instructional leaders in mathematics education ensuring all educator have access to high quality mathematics teaching and learning.

Math Team Newsletter

Developing Problem Solvers (Year 1) June 20 22 and 28 29 header only
Professional Learning Opportunity

Join us for Developing Problem Solvers (Year 1) on June 20-22 and June 28-29! 



What we offer:

Numeracy Project

  • Evidence-based resources including diagnostic tools, interventions, and progress monitoring
  • Assessing numeracy to address students’ needs for acceleration, remediation, and intervention


  • Supporting Ongoing Achievement Responsively
  • Modules include: Number and Operations in Base Ten, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Ratios & Proportions, Expressions & Equations
  • Participants are provided tools and intervention activities to identify and support students’ mathematical understanding.

Building Numeracy

  • Developing student’s understanding and flexibility when working with numbers to support fact fluency

  • Utilizing math running records to assess students’ fact fluency as an alternative to timed testing

  • Participants will learn how these concepts build fluency with foundational numbers in the primary grades, which in turn, leads to computational fluency by the end of middle school.

Math Coaching

Our team is available to provide additional support in areas such as:

  • Best Practices

  • Instructional Routines

  • Curriculum Resources

  • And more!

College- and Career-Ready Shifts in Mathematics



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MTSS Tier 2 and 3 Supports Available


Targeted and Intensive Instruction:

MTSS Tier 1 Supports Available

Core Instruction: 

  • Curriculum Supports: Content Shifts and Guiding Principles

  • Teaching Practices:

    • Effective Teaching Practices

    • Problem-Based Instruction

    • Standards of Mathematical Practices

    • Numeracy/Fluency

    • Explicit Instruction

    • Technology

  • Instructional Practices:

    • Math Language Routines

    • Instructional Routines

    • 5 Practices/Modeling/3 Act Tasks

    • Desmos/Seesaw/Pear Deck

  • Universal Tier Tools Guide

  • TRU Framework



Important contacts

Staff Directory
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Janelle Schorg

Educational Consultant

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Steve McHugh

Educational Consultant

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Val Sitzmann

Educational Consultant

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Jeffrey Hamblen

Educational Consultant

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Katie Majeres

Educational Consultant

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Michelle Helt

Educational Consultant

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Sue Chartier

Educational Consultant

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