Northwest AEA prefers to use the Handwriting Without Tears Screener for Handwriting Proficiency. This is used to compare handwriting skills to peers in the same classroom. Screeners should be distributed to the entire class, and students should all be given the same instructions. You can access the screener and create an account to monitor progress at:
  • Once you have created a username and password click "Administration Packets" and select the appropriate grade.
  • Print one administration packet.
  • Use your school's copy machine to make the appropriate number of screeners for your classroom.
  • Scoring can be done via the paper sheet provided in the packet.
  • Register your scores online in order to generate graphs to compare your students.

Contact your school's OT regarding students who are outliers and demonstrate areas of concern.

Adaptive Paper:

Pre-Writing Exercises

Tips for helping those with autism construct sentences

If you have a student who is struggling with handwriting, this handout is not a replacement for one-on-one OT intervention. Please contact your school's OT if you are noticing handwriting delays because it could be an indicator of further fine motor delays.