Media Policies

Northwest AEA recognizes the contrasting needs of those receiving our library services. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive collection of resources for a diverse population of students, educators, and professionals.

Northwest AEA will follow board policy when selecting and maintaining media materials available for loan.

Learn more about Northwest AEA's board policies.

601.01 Media Services P 05/17/2021
601.02 Media Advisory Committee P 05/17/2021
601.03 Materials Lending Library P 05/17/2021
601.04 Materials Selection P 05/17/2021
601.05 Reconsideration of Materials P 02/20/2023
602 Production Services P 05/17/2021
603 Consultative Services P 05/17/2021
604 Van Delivery P 05/17/2021
605.04 Technology and Instructional Materials P 05/17/2021
605.06 Internet – Appropriate Use P 05/17/2021
605.07 Appropriate Use of Online Learning Platforms P 07/20/2020
605.08 Ownership of Materials and Products P 01/16/2006
605.09 Compliance with Federal Copyright Law P 05/17/2021
606 Recording, Videotaping or Broadcasting of Agency Events P 01/16/2006