A kind female teacher spends time with her elementary school students, making learning enjoyable and fun while sparking curiosity and fostering a love for education.

Teacher Tools for Student Engagement

Teacher Tools for Student Engagement is an amazing professional development series for all educators.


This course emphasizes easy to implement strategies to increase student engagement in the classroom.

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"I used to think that being engaged in learning was the job of the student. Now I know that student engagement is MY job."

-Teacher, SB-L High School


Participants will learn how to implement high-level instructional engagement strategies to help all learners thrive.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn best practices for preparing yourself as a teacher, connecting with others, planning and delivering instruction, managing a classroom, and reflecting.

Teacher Tools learning modules:

Module 1: Getting Started

Teacher Clarity

Start of Class

Classroom Environment

Classroom Matrix

Module 2: Structuring Learning

Planning for Instruction


Module 3:  Delivery Strategies

Opportunities to Respond (OTR)

Direct Instruction

Practice for Long Term Learning

Module 4: Feedback for Learning

Self-Reported Grades (Student Expectations)


Module 5: Understanding Behavior

Functions of Behavior

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior

Continuum of Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

ABC Charts (Behavior Tracking)

Module 6:  Classroom Culture

Building Positive Relationships with Students

Promoting Positive Peer Relationships

Additional Content Collective Teacher Efficacy

This course can be customized to deliver one or multiple modules at a time to fit your professional learning schedule.  Our team will work with you and your staff to find the best way to bring these strategies to your classrooms.

To learn more about Teacher Tools for Student Engagement, contact Shelly Nash or Tom McGuire at Northwest AEA.

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