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Foundational Literacy Intervention (FLI)

Based on cutting-edge research from the science of reading, the Foundational Literacy Intervention (FLI) Program offers a comprehensive solution for kindergarten through second-grade educators aiming to significantly enhance their students' literacy skills. FLI logo with words

Why Choose Our Program?

  • πŸ“ˆ Proven Success: 90% of first graders reached proficiency on the spring FAST assessment after completing the FLI curriculum.
  • πŸ’‘ Research-Based: Crafted from studies with an effect size of .5 or higher, ensuring high-impact learning.
  • 🎯 Comprehensive Curriculum: Includes explicit instruction on the six foundational skills, including phonological awareness, letters/sounds, phonics, sight word learning, fluency, and concepts of print.
  • 🌟 Professional Development: Dive into more than 46 hours of no-cost virtual professional development designed to transform teachers into experts on the science of reading. Our comprehensive training not only equips educators with the tools they need to excel but also ignites a passion for fostering literacy excellence in every student.
  • πŸ”„ Continuous Assessment: Diagnostic and ongoing assessments to track progress and tailor instruction.

Join us in making literacy achievement a reality for every child. Whether you're a K-2 classroom teacher looking to enhance your skills, an interventionist seeking a program to boost your school's literacy rates, a special education teacher searching for an effective program to remediate foundational skills, or an educator passionate about the science of reading, our program is your gateway to enhanced literacy achievement.

Let's revolutionize literacy education together! πŸš€

For more information and to join our growing community of educators, contact Shari Hansen or Jodi Kerns

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Jodi Kerns

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